How I led the early design of a new online account management and eBilling service

  • Business case development & business lead
  • Journey mapping
  • User requirements documentation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • User research and testing
  • Internal communication and change management

Timing: 2014 – 2016

The Challenge

One of the critical projects I identified as part of SA Water’s Digital Strategy was the need for an online account portal and eBilling service. Like many other government services,  bills at the time were delivered quarterly by mail. Any customers with questions about their bills or account were directed to the SA Water contact centre. While contact centre service was rated very highly there was a increasing number of customer complaints calling for digital services which would allow access 24/7. In addition, the cost to the business to resource the contact centre and respond to increasing call volumes was growing. SA Water needed a solution that offered more choice to customers and increased operation efficiency at the same time.

My role and approach

As Manager, Digital Strategy and CX lead on this project, I led the discovery and strategic design phase of this project before handing over to the delivery team in late 2015. My role included:

  • Developing the business case to secure funding for the project which was submitted to the economic regulator, Minister and SA Water leadership team.
  • Mapping stakeholders and users
  • Designing the research and user testing program to support project delivery, writing test scripts, facilitating interviews and user testing
  • Capturing user requirements and insights
  • Touch point and journey mapping
  • Leading internal communication to staff impacted by the project
  • Prototyping
Customer engagement
Low fidelity prototype – online bill. This was used to gather feedback from staff and customers on what was working and what wasn’t.
Journey Mapping workshop – Introduction slide
Journey mapping workshop slide – user stories
Examples of the weekly posters I drew and placed in the team-room of the contact centre to keep them updated on the project
A mapped journey

Impact and value

Unfortunately, SA Water’s Customer Account Portal, mySAWater , was launched after I had left SA Water and so I don’t have data on it’s performance. I do know that it has changed the way SA Water delivers it’s billing services. The early design work I did enabled the project delivery team to hit the ground running with a clear understanding of customer needs and with the support of the leadership team and government to deliver the new service. The early design work also enabled us to work out where the priorities were which led to the team focusing on a residential customer service first. User testing on high fidelity prototypes I did prior to leaving revealed very few major issues that needed addressing.