My services

You are probably an organisation with a problem that needs to be solved.

Maybe you are grappling with how to become more customer centric or you want better insight into what your users think.

Perhaps something isn’t working and you want to fix it or you are trying to work out how to make your existing services better or move them online. Or it could be that you just have a complex, tricky issue to resolve and could do with some help.

I can help you

    • Develop a strategy or plan to help you put users first including customer or service strategies and product or service roadmaps.
    • Move an existing service online but are not sure where to start or need some help designing what it looks like.
    • Understand why a service or product isn’t working for users and how to best fix it.
    • Build design capability within your team so that they can design with customers, users and citizens.
    • Identify opportunities for innovation based on customer or user insights.
    • Understand your customers or users better though research, journey mapping, co-design, workshops and persona development.
    • Solve a really complex, tricky problem that someone has tried to fix and failed or when you just don’t know where to start.